Enjoying What You Do

I read the NY Times almost religiously.  Yes it’s been at the center of a few controversies over the last few years mostly because its “news” stories, but I don’t really read that part.  I don’t think there is such a thing as an “objective” report, so I get my news from the BBC and Jon Stewart.  The BBC seems pretty legit and Jon Stewart: he is legit.  How 20 something of me right?  Whatever.  I also find Things White People Like both entertaining and surprising right most of the time.  My method of keeping up with the world is way more entertaining than the traditional sources and let’s face it, Jon Stewart is the man.  Tucker Carlson: not so much.  And if you haven’t picked up America, go do that.

But enough with my thoughts on news sources: I read the NYTimes for its non-headline articles.  And today, an article about Todd Selby caught my eye.  This guy reminds me why I love what I do (as I continue to figure it out) and why all the shit I seem to put myself through (probably doesn’t help that the world seems to have diarrhea too!) is in reality only a moment’s glitch compared to being able to do what you love because ultimately, that’s what life is about.  Go out tired, worn, and full of scars… that’s a successful life to me.  And after yesterday’s seriously low blow, these little reminders are needed.  I can’t say I find Todd Selby’s work progressive or boundary pushing, but it’s got a unique and refreshing quality to it.  Check it out.

Oh how I miss City life…

One of the many many things I miss about city life is the wonderful sound each city makes.  Each city seems to have their own unique sound and even neighborhoods have their own sound.  Take Lisbon, Portugal for example.  The traditional Fado concert doesn’t really get started until 2 or 3 Am.  And it’s common practice to have them in open venues… like the street!    Or take my experience in Vienna, Austria. I almost never closed by windows unless it was really really cold.  My neighborhood had a vibrant, often questionable night scene (nothing dangerous or anything, it’s Austria people!) and it was common to hear what my Spanish apartment-mate would call low-brow South American Spanish from midnight to the early AM.  Add the fact that one of Vienna’s busiest train stations was less than a kilometer away and it was a little loud for some.  Not for me.  I don’t speak Spanish, never mind understand it, but I really miss listening to the raw sounding conversations of the local night population.  Some people call that sound noise, but I’ll argue it’s really just spoken blues.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect people enjoying the quiet sounds of the countryside, but I like the rawness of city-music.  Well, after spending some time looking for a hi-fi recording of a city, I discovered a blog for an NYC photographer/videographer who is using his Canon 7d to record video of the Sounds of NYC.  It made my day.

NYC Sounds:LIVE underground:Canon 7D,1080/24p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.


Getting Creepy: Photo Shoot #2

Sometimes perseverance really does work.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a little luck too.  Well for the latest chapter of the fashion shoot, both worked out wonderfully.  I got access to the Arboretum and the rain stayed away.  It was miserably hot, but this is the south.  Heat and humidity…  what’s new?

The arboretum is everything I hoped it would be and more.  We really could not have asked for a better place to shoot.  So I’d really like to take a moment and thank the owner.  The arboretum feels like a very personal project for him and I really appreciate his willingness to allow us to shoot.

Our goal for the whole shoot is to capture a darkness.  And what better place to capture it than an arboretum full of gargoyles and unique statues!  If you know the designer, it makes sense.  A Femme Fatale theme oozes from the whole collection.   I’m hoping my editing skills are up for the challenge!  Take a look at these ROUGH examples (click the photo and no… I’m nowhere near final edits!).  It’s kinda scary, kinda seductive, kinda… I like.  I can’t wait to work on this project more.  It’s totally bad ass.