So Alberto… Where’s the Beef?

When asked by WADA Officials to provide evidence of tainted beef, the Alberto Contador camp released this never before seen photo…

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="841" caption="Yes this is a joke... "][/caption]

NOTE: This is a joke and in all seriousness, if this is your photo, contact me with any questions.  I don’t pretend to own it.  I got it off another blog so I have no clue whose photo it is and I would love to give credit.


Return to Portland Part IV

Mount Saint Helens, Washington.  Today was such a pretty day and the sky was crystal clear.  From Portland, both Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood were very easy to spot.  More than I have ever seen.  Atop Saint Helens, both Mount Adams and Mount Hood were pretty much impossible not to see.  I think if I made it to the summit, Mount Rainier and maybe a few others would have also been possible to spot. I didn’t come prepared to really climb, so no summit today.  It’s a non-technical climb (5 or 6 climbers were headed down the trail while we headed up), but I did get 4,000 feet from the summit.  Oh well, another trip…  Click on the pic for the gallery.