The New North Carolina Museum of Art: Another Bull’s Eye

"Tide" Kenneth Noland, 1958

Last weekend I visited the North Carolina Museum of Art for the “I lost count years ago” time.  Before the new building was up, I normally knew when something was moved.  It’s always been a hidden jewel and it’s only been in the last few years that people have started noticing the museum for what it really is.  The NC Museum of Art along with the Nasher at Duke are truly exceptional museums.  They aren’t huge like the National Gallery, but they contain great collections.

Part of NC Museum of Art’s recent popularity comes from a big time gamble they made about a decade ago: they brought in a world class exhibit of Rodin and not much later, they followed that up with a Ansel Adams show along with a string of other events.  It was a huge gamble, but it’s paid off well.

The only thing the museum seemed to be lacking was a better building.  The old building was rather dark and felt like a 1960’s Cold War era building.  Of course it was a 1960’s building.  Well sure enough, the museum made a new building the next goal.  Mission Accomplished.  It’s open and it’s a total bull’s eye. Here are some pictures from the building.

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